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Sing it, Baby!

Karaoke in and around the Eugene, OR area
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for those interested or participate in karaoke in Eugene, Oregon, or in the surrounding areas. A couple guidelines:


* Feedback on karaoke performances/locations/songs is FINE if requested, but please follow the Golden Rule when doling out your opinion and kindly do unto others as you would have a small army of knife-wielding maniacs do unto you.

* Unsolicited Praise as praise, and not as veiled criticism, is of course Welcome and Encouraged.

* Conversation and swapping style ideas is absolutely encouraged,

* Song Lyrics and pictures are fine and encouraged as long as they are behind a cut and labeled.

* I realize you can't always get permission before posting a picture, so please- if someone asks you to take their picture down, do so QUICKLY and without argument. Please make sure pictures posted are respectful and in good taste. Conversely, if someone posts your picture, please don't freak out- it's a compliment. Just ask them nicely to take it down, if they don't do it fast enough for your taste just email the mod and I'll do it when I have time.

* Ideas, plans, and theme-night requests for groups are also encouraged, but please try to be inclusive. (Ie explain in-jokes so everyone can share the laugh :D) This is a community, not a clique.

* Have Fun!