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Karaoke Listing

This can also be found at the bottom of the "music" page on eugeneweekly.com, but here are the different bars that host karaoke around town. As you can see, there are multiple options every night of the week:

Thursday: The Cooler, Duck Inn, Bada Bing's (earlier in the evening, at 6pm...not sure if this is every week)

Friday: Sher's Eldorado, Trackstirs

Saturday: Duck Inn, Lone Star

Sunday: Black Forest, Country Side, Downtown Lounge

Monday: Black Forest, Country Side, Jogger's, Rock 'N' Rodeo, Neighbors (not listed in the Eugene Weekly)

Tuesday: Country Side, Quackers, Taylors, The O Bar (although I had a bad experience there)

Wednesday: Charlie Mac's, Fathoms, Sher's Eldorado

I haven't been to all of these, but I most enjoyed the Black Forest, the Duck Inn and Neighbors (although I only karaoked there once). I've also heard the Downtown Lounge is good. As I said, I had a bad experience at The O Bar, although it had nothing to do with the DJ (he rocked). It had more to do with the bartender being rude to us. But that was several months ago, so who knows.

There's also a listing on the Eugene Weekly music page for Corvallis.

Go and enjoy!

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