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Common Interest Communities

Here's another page we can keep updated :)

Relevant Communities
1st_learnmusic: Community dedicated to those "</span>who are interested in learning or teaching music!"

you_sing_it: Post yourself singing karaoke using
www.yousendit.com.  Small comm but might be a great place
                               to get (or give) more than just local feedback on technique, song choice, style, etc :)

singersclub: A comm for singers in general.  No set profile.

karaoketv: Not sure.  Profile says "You make karaoke wishes and I grant them."   Apparently you tell this guy what to
                            sing, and he does it on streaming video live.

karaokediva: Billed as a comm for Karaoke lovers.

karaokeclub: Asian Karaoke only.

karaokebar: Another virtual Karaoke Bar, post yourself singing- NO INSULTING.

karaoke_rev: Comm for "Karaoke Revolution" players.

karaoke_phreaks: Seems to be a sharing comm for karaoke tracks.  Lyrics encouraged along with postings.

karaoke_party: Youngster-friendly Karaoke comm.

karaoke_partay: A Karaoke contest community- interesting!

karaoke_junkie: General Karaoke-Lovers' comm

karaoke_fans: UK based Karaoke-Lovers' comm
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