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I had wondered what she was going to do ... I got my answer today!

From Lydia, former KJ at Neighbor's:

> Since I now have your email address I thought I
> would let you know
> that neighbor's has already closed so I am not
> doing any more
> Mondays. So Sorry. On the other hand, Sam's
> Place (10th and
> Wilson..on Wilson) has asked me to do a Tuesday
> Night Show, so I will
> be at Sams on Tuesday Night starting this week. I
> hope you can make
> it (8-12 by the way). I look forward to seeing
> everyone there! Pass
> this info on to who ever you can. This show will
> remain going as
> long as I can get bodies (who spend some money) in
> the building.
> Lydia
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